Skincare “Travel” Collections

As you plan your summer getaways, it’s important to also think about your skincare travel needs.  What to take, which products meet TSA guidelinesand how much of it to take...are only a handful of the questions that may come up as you consider what’s going in your bag.

Well, leave the “how to organize your skincare travel collection” stuff to us!  We have our top products available as complete collections, packaged in travel friendly sizes, and encased in toiletry travel cases….truly ready to be placed into your carry-on bag and voilà!  These Try-Me-Kits even come in transparent toiletry travel cases, perfect for easily placing on conveyor belts when passing through security check.  There’s even a complete collection for body!

Hydra floral starter kitTRY ME KIT HYDRA FLORAL                     Normal Skin & Dehydrated Skin, $34

Essential Cleansing Milk, 50ml
Essential Tonifying Lotion, 50ml
Aromessence Neroli, 5ml
Hydra Floral 24hr Activator Cream, 15ml
Neroli Essential Night Balm, 5ml                  


Sensitive & Reactive Skin, $39

Soothing Micellar Cleansing Water, 50ml
Aromessence Rose d’Orient, 5ml
Harmonie Calm Soothing Milky Cream, 15ml
Rose d’Orient Night Balm, 5ml
Harmonie Calm Soothing Mask, 15ml


Oily/ Combination Skin, $34

Fresh Purifying Gel, 50ml
Fresh Matifying Lotion, 5ml
Aromessence Ylang Ylang Serum, 5ml
Shine Control Oxygenating Fluid, 15ml
Ylang Ylang Purifying Night Balm, 5ml                 


TRY ME KIT BODY CARE                                                                                                                     Complete Body Care, $49        Body TRY ME                                                                              

Relaxing Shower & Bath Gel, 50ml
Système Corps Moisturizing Body Milk, 5ml
Aromessence Relaxing Dry Oil, 15ml
Exfoliating Body Cream Wash, 100ml
Prolagene Energizing Gel, 50ml

Our Try-Me-Kits are also great if you are NEW to DECLÉOR and simply want to try the collections before committing to full sizes! Pas mal du tout! 

Discover which collection is right for you: Try-Me-Kits.




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Father’s Day Gift Idea!

A Market Watch article, titled Real Men Now Wear Makeup - Adventures in the Booming Market for Men’s Cosmeticsindicates that “since 2008, the men’s personal-care-products market has grown by 15% to $3.9 billion, according to research firm Mintel. (And Mintel expects it to grow an additional 13% by 2018.) Data on men’s cosmetics (and cosmetic treatments) specifically is perhaps even more telling: A recent survey of 1,000 American and British men, conducted by marketing company JWT, found that many men considered such products or treatments perfectly acceptable. For example, 54% approved of such skin care products as moisturizers and eye creams, 24% gave the nod to facials..” December 4, 2013.

Range Shot

With men increasingly opening up to the idea of using proper skincare -beyond soap and water- it’s no wonder that we offer a comprehensive collection of skincare products -DECLÉOR Men Skincare- designed specially for men’s skin. Our collection includes:  an exfoliating cleansing scrub, an express shave gel, an anti-aging moisturizing fluid, an anti-aging/anti-puffiness/anti-fatigue eye contour cream, a soothing after-shave cream, and a before shave/after shave treatment serum.

Men’s approach to caring for their skin is quite different from women’s and we’ve adapted accordingly with Men Skincare.  ”For men,” continues the article “it is not about being pretty. It is about being clean and distinguished,” says Dangene Enterprise, founder of the Institute of Skinovation at New York’s Core: Club.  Similarly, Dr. Andrew Jacono of the New York Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery, says men are less interested in a daily glam ritual; rather, they prefer to address issues, big or small, as they arise. “While women are proactive about their skincare and makeup routines, men are more problem-solution oriented. They have a pimple or a bit of discoloration, they want to cover it up — it’s as simple as that.”

Our no-fuss Men Skincare that’s as easy as mensbag1-2-3 makes a GREAT complement to any Father’s Day Gift.  PLUS, as an added bonus, you’ll receive le très masculin Men’s Grooming Bag with your $40 purchase, so HE can carry his skincare on business trips or to the gym. Why not even keep an extra set at the office for a quick pick-me-up before a business dinner after work? C‘est une bonne idée!

We are particularly excited about AROMESSENCETM Triple Action.  It’s a 100% active, natural, and pure treatment serum, used before shaving and after shaving, that helps fight damage caused by shaving and limits hair re-growth thanks to Clove Essential Oil.

Before Shaving: Helps lift ingrown hairs and improve razor glide.

After Shaving:    Helps soften the skin, soothe razor burn and enhance the effectiveness of post-shaving products.

Discover the collection:  Men Skincare.

Want to add something truly special to the mix?  Why not buy him a gift certificate for a Men Skincare spa treatment? Click on the link to find a spa that offers our professional Men Skincare services near you:  Spa Locator.




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Expert Methods for Combating Hyper-pigmentation by Tina T. of Salon 88

daisyTina T. of Salon 88 – a DECLÉOR partner spa in San Jose, CA- wrote a blog post on hyper-pigmentation.  We found it so insightful that we wanted to share it with you!

Tina T. begins by describing that ” hyper-pigmentation affects everyone regardless of age, sex, ethnicity groups.  In fact, both skin care professionals—who lament the challenges of treating hyper pigmented skin- and clients who suffer through years of unsuccessful attempts at eliminating it are challenged by this condition.”

She then goes on to offer a definition of hyper-pigmentation: “Pigmentation means coloring or is the darkening of an area of skin or nails, or a proliferation of the melanocytes themselves (melanocytotic hyper-pigmentation), but it presents no medical threat. Skin pigmentation disorders affect the color of your skin. Your skin gets its color from a pigment called melanin. Special cells in the skin make melanin. When these cells become damaged or unhealthy, it affects melanin production.”

She continues by describing the three types (and causes) of hyper-pigmentation as well as offering expert and more natural treatment methods that have effectively worked for clients, friends, family, as well as for herself.  If hyper-pigmentation is a concern for you or anyone you know, I recommend that you read this highly educational blog post, which includes before and after photos.  Read the full article on her blog, Luminescent Skin by Tina

Aroma white (2products)We love that Salon 88 is an authorized DECLÉOR spa partner and specializes in addressing hyper-pigmentation.  One of the collections Salon 88 uses to combat hyper-pigmentation is DECLÉOR’s Aroma White C+ collection.  Offering a comprehensive collection of products, Aroma White C+ is designed to address hyper-pigmentation and dull skin.  The collection offers a natural approach to combating hyper-pigmentation with ingredients that act on all levels of the pigmentation process and reveal a bright and fresh complexion, radiant with purity:  White Focus Complex (Essential Oil of Roman Chamomile), Melano-lock System (derived from peas), Extracts of Horse Chestnut and Papaya, and, High Stability Vitamin C.

We’ve added 2 NEW Aroma White C+ products to the collection:  Anti-Dark Circle Multi-brightening Eye Care and Intense Transparency Fluid.  As part of DECLÉOR’s Aroma Duo Concept, using AROMESSENCE WHITE Brightening Serum + Intense Transparency Fluid increases radiance by 93% (self-assessment by 30 volunteers after 56 days of use).  Learn More: Aroma White C+.


June 6th – 7th, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

white visuel_cabine BDIf you’re in the San Jose area, Salon 88 is having a “Brighten Up for Summer” event on Friday, June 6th and Saturday, June 7th.  It’s an event designed to help address your questions and concerns about hyper-pigmentation and brightening your complexion for truly radiant skin. Event details: or (408) 225-5350.


About Luminescent Skin by Tina T.

Luminescent Skin by Tina T.

Our specialties are anti-aging and problematic skin conditions, such as:  hyper-pigmentation; pores and broken capillary reduction;  sensitive, etc…

Our philosophies are based on “Beauty through Health”.

Our facial services including traditional European facial services  incorporating with DECLÉOR energetic Aroma pressure, Aroma drainage and Aroma massage techniques; and/or layering with anti-aging technology based facial services utilizing most cutting edge equipment, such as:  microdermabrasion; micro-current; light emitted diode (LED)  that deliver high performance results.

Come, visit, experience and pamper yourself with our high quality Beauty Services to experience our Magic and Healing touch for an instant and visible healthy, radiant, glowing skin, youthful look with long lasting results!

SALON 88 | 5988 Silvercreek Valley Rd | San Jose | CA | 408.225.5350 |

Do you struggle with combating hyper-pigmentation?


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From the Archives: Aromessence™ Retrospective

I love this retrospective of AROMESSENCE™, which was created in its entirety by our DECLÉOR counterparts in France.   I absolutely also love the images they pulled from our archives.  Merci beaucoup! 


AROMESSENCE 19781978: Creation of an elixir and appearance of a glass phial

Even before the word « aromatherapy » appeared, essential oils had names like « from the soul of the plant » or «from the fragrance of the plant».  AROMESSENCE™, a perfect formulation of essential oils on a bed of plant oils, needed a container to preserve all the subtle wealth of the mixture’s ingredients that are kept as closely guarded secret. At the time, DECLÉOR wanted to design
a phial to ensure optimum protection of this nectar, rich in concentrated plant
energy. The idea was to conceive an original, luxury phial. It was designed like
a flower with a pistil to apply the product harmoniously on the face. A meeting
was held with a master glazier. A renowned perfume brand had produced a bottle in the form of droplet… and quite by chance, they had not developed the design! A magnificent phial to bring out the best in our elixir! This phial was used for the launch of the first AROMESSENCE™. We developed our own style : the round, fluid shape of the bottle, its small size, the completely transparent glass and the well-known pistil system to
apply a few drops as a daily beauty ritual.

decleor-montage1979: Back to basics : a drop-shaped phial

The 5000 phials initially intended for sale in the first year sold like hot cakes. Two years after its launch, the phial was still the same size and as transparent, but the cap was shaped like a droplet… And DECLÉOR revisited its origins! There were a few changes in this object : the product was retained by an upper spout, a second spout, establishing the product and giving it the aplomb of a mythical product. The phial, now taller, also increasingly resembled a droplet.

AROMESSENCE 19821982:  While still in full swing “stretched phial

Riding the crest of the wave of its commercial success, the AROMESSENCE™ bottle became slimmer and taller. The little perfume phial became
increasingly majestic and AROMESSENCE™ now developed into a family: AROMESSENCE™ Néroli, then AROMESSENCE™Angélique for dry skin and AROMESSENCE™ Ylang Ylang, to purify the skin, all emerged at the very
beginning of the 1980s.



1983:  Still a closely guarded secret : introduction of frosted glass

The phial was transformed. Frosted glass was introduced to better protect the essential oils from the harmful effects of light. The shape continued to increase slightly in length. The spout became smaller, to apply only the 3 drops needed every day.


Aromcessence Excellence


2008:  Growing pains : more slender phial

The first AROMESSENCE™ evolution/revolution : excellence for mature skin. This innovative day serum combined an anti-ageing plant complex and active essential oils, remaining 100% natural. It also had an excellent, plain, slender phial with feminine shapes in frosted glass, revealing a mere hint of its amber color while protecting its ingredients.


D192001 AROMESSENCE IRIS Serum2009: Unpretentiously taller phial

This was the time for a revival. A new momentum was established. The phial was radically extended, like a plant drenched in sunlight. The shape of a droplet
could be clearly seen inside the container. An improved grasp was provided for easier use. An elegant detail : there was now a slightly wavy, grey mother-of-pearl stopper reminiscent of the leaf on the DECLÉOR logo.


aromessence bottle2014: Celebration

DECLÉOR will now celebrate their 40th anniversary. AROMESSENCE™ has been copied time and time again,
but never equaled. On its anniversary, two new AROMESSENCE™ serums will appear during the year; their formulation is still a closely guarded secret, but with this cult product, DECLÉOR continues to celebrate its values of naturalness, sensuality and effectiveness.

What do you think of our AROMESSENCE™ evolution?



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Body “Slimming” Expert Tips From DECLÉOR Regional Trainer, Karen Schneider

Karen Schneider photo2Karen Schneider, who’s been an esthetician for 26 years -and working with DECLÉOR as Regional Trainer since 2009- recently shared her expert tips on her all-time favorite body collection: Slim Effect.  The below was partially written by Karen.

“My favorite DECLÉOR body collection is definitely Slim Effect.  Summer and beach time are upon us and now is the best time to use this collection!   Slim Effect works: it’s effective and I love the smell.  When it comes to addressing D391001 Slim Effect Balm“orange-peel” skin, draining is key!  The collection diminishes the “orange-peel” appearance of  skin due to the Essential Oil combination of Grapefruit and Elemi, which drains toxins and firms skin.  Combined, these smooth and soften the skin’s texture while revealing supple, fresh skin.  The detoxifying effects from the Micro-algae, Plant Caffeine and Desert Poppy make a significant difference on the contour of legs.   Approach this like you would a treatment by targeting your area of concern in a consistent way for a duration of time.  As such, I highly recommend prepping your skin so that it can fully receive the benefits of this treatment.  Exfoliating with Exfoliating Fresh Skin Body Cream a few times a week is a great way to prep the skin and further enhance the efficacy of the products.  I also recommend using a dry brushing technique daily for further stimulation and to increase micro-circulation within the skin.” Karen Schneider

We love that Karen has shared her expert tips on this collection and how awesome is it that it has also been featured on Harper’s Bazaar in a placement titled                                   “Best Body” in April 2014!  The editor recommends that you “Smooth on DECLÉOR’s Slim Effect Balm to banish belly fat at home.”

Harpers Bazaar.May 2014.Cover

Harpers Bazaar.May 2014.Decleor Article








Do you have any body slimming tips to share?



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