Ultra – Nourishing Skincare for Dry Skin (Perfect for Winter)!


Using rare and precious essential oils, DECLÉOR introduces Intense Nutrition, a premium, highly targeted, paraben-free range focused on deeply nourishing, repairing, comforting and protecting skin from both internal and external factors of
dry skin.

Formulated with unique ingredients known for their exceptional survival powers in extreme climates, such as Essential Oils of Marjoram, Argan, Avocado and Cranberry, Intense Nutrition moisturizes skin by replenishing the skin’s natural moisturization levels (NMF),  nourishes skin by increasing lipids to protect from excessive water evaporation, and protects and comforts skin by preventing damage due to external stress and agressors, such as climatic changes, free radicals, extreme heat or cold.  The collection also repairs fragile, damaged skin due to dryness, while also increasing suppleness and elasticity to alleviate tight skin. It is ideal for intrinsincally dry skin or for skin that is dry due to seasonal changes. 

The Collection:

Morning Ritual:

DEC_NUTRI_653005_AROM_MARJO_SERUM_LDStep 1: Treat – A blend of 100% natural essential and plant oils, AROMESSENCE™ MARJOLAINE NOURISHING SERUM utilizes Cranberry and Argan Oils to nourish the skin and increase its natural protection, while Babassu and Avacado Oils regenerate the hydrolipid film to improve skin quality. Intensively nourished, the skin is more supple, comfortable and radiant.





Step 2: Reinforce – Enriched with the Nutri-Protect DEC_NUTRI_652000_CREAM_LDComplex, INTENSE NUTRITION COMFORTING COCOON CREAM boosts lipid synthesis and reconstructs an optimum skin barrier. Cranberry and Argan Oils provide nourishment and increase the skin’s natural defenses, while Avocado Oil and Phytosqualane regenerate the hydrolipid film to improve skin quality. Intensively nourished, the skin is comfortable and radiant all day long. Rough areas and feelings of tightness disappear, and the skin is soft and supple once again.

                                                                                      Evening Ritual:

DEC_NUTRI_653000_AROM_MARJO_BALM_15ML_LDTreat & ReinforceAROMESSENCE™ MARJOLAINE NOURISHING NIGHT BALM works while you sleep to intensively repair the skin. Cocoa and Shea Butters wrap the skin in a comforting cocoon, while Cranberry, Argan and Avocado Oils provide nourishment and increase its natural defenses. Upon waking, the skin is softer and comfortable.


Discover Intense Nutrition: http://tinyurl.com/o46ow4s


We are also excited about our new paraben-free Hand Cream that’s the perfect carry everywhere, go-to product for winter.  Formulated with cocooning, tantalizing ingredients, such as White Meadowfoam Oil, Shea Butter, Allantoin, Magnolia Essential Oil, and Coconut Plant Oil, the light cream with delicate floral notes is ideal for use throughout the day to provide essential care for hands and nails. The regenerating formulation leaves skin looking brighter and more luminous, while providing soothing relief from dry, sore hands, and helps prevent premature aging. Suitable for all skin types.  For best results, use with Aromessence™ Ongles Strengthening Serum.

Discover our new Hand Cream: http://tinyurl.com/lfeyksn




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Powerful Essential Oils of Ancient Origins

Lily FlowerNot only does our New Night Essence recharge and detox your skin to impart lasting radiance and a youthful fresh face effect, but it also has graceful, revered ingredients used during ancient times.

Essential Oil of New Zealand Manuka acts as a Panacea for the skin.  Derived from traditional Maori medicine and born in a naturally wild, unpolluted environment, Manuka is the first tree to see the sunrise each morning.  This ingredient has a proven action on cell proliferation and multiplication, and was shown to increase new cells by 10% in 72 hours.*

Essential Oil of Mediterranean Cistus provides the Power of Rebirth for the complexion.  Known as “Christ’s Tears” from ancient times, Cistus has been used during sacred rituals and demonstrates an extraordinary ability to survive within the scorched Earth. This is because the extreme heat in the soil activates its seeds, and Cistus is reborn from the ashes. This ingredient is renowned for its healing and renewing properties, strengthening cell regeneration and giving the skin a burst of radiance.

Tropical Amaranth Oil provides Immortality for the skin.  Revered as a “miracle grain” by the Aztecs and Incas, Amaranth is renowned for its rich nutritional properties and ability to slow the skin’s aging process and combat inflammation. Containing over 60% omegas, it is particularly suited to skin lacking in vitality.

Rigorously selected by DECLÉOR research, these key ingredients work together to stimulate vital cell function, and genuinely boost cell energy for visibly noticeable results.  They stimulate vital energy, revealing a powerful radiance and a “renewed” complexion.  As a 100% natural oil formula that is dry and silky to the touch, Night Essence cloaks the skin in a non-greasy, ultra powdery veil.  Used as a 30-day treatment to be applied in the evening as a true skin recharging elixir, Night Essence has a sensual, ultra-feminine fragrance with warm, woody notes that creates an extremely sensory moment at the end of your day.

DEC_NIGHT_ESSENCE_436000_3_VIALSLearn More:  http://tinyurl.com/o3qvcz8


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Why Essential Oils Are Powerful Skincare Treatments?

Alambic_seul_+_goutte_V2[1]Why Essential Oils Are Powerful Skincare Treatments?

Essential Oils are the true essence of plants. They are ultra-concentrated, fragrant and volatile liquid substances. They consist of several hundred molecules working in synergy.  Individually, each essential oil has therapeutic properties, such as antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.  As a blended formula, essential oils are powerful treatments for skin.

We’ve been expertly sourcing, selecting and blending essential oils since 1974.  As masters of our trade, we take a scientific approach to creating blends of essential oil formulas of the highest quality targeted to specific skin concerns.      


DECLÉOR, pioneers in the world of essential oils, was the first company to introduce aromatherapy to cosmetics, and to transfer age-old expertise from the world of medicine to the world of beauty.

Our Secret? AROMESSENCE serums for daytime use and nighttime balms

What is it?  AROMESSENCE is an expert blend of 100% pure, active and natural essential oils targeted to treat a specific skin condition.

What does it do?  Each AROMESSENCE™ deeply penetrates to treat the skin, purifying and balancing it from within.  The result is a visibly healthy and radiant complexion.

Does it treat specific skin conditions?  Yes. In addition to these properties, we offer an AROMESSENCE™ to treat specific skin conditions, such as issues associated with oily/combination skin, or sensitive skin, or even visible signs of aging skin, etc.

What is the difference between the Daytime Serum and the Nighttime Balm? The serum is designed for a quick absorb penetration, which is ideal for daytime.  The nighttime balm delivers a slower penetration so it works while you sleep, thus optimizing your body’s natural nighttime regeneration process.  While they work differently, the result is relatively the same as both work deeply within the skin.  When both are used as part of your daily skincare routine, they work synergistically to deliver benefits for your skin day and night.

Visage2Choosing an AROMESSENCE for your skin type:

Still not sure which one is right for you? Ask us! Connect with us via Facebook or Twitter and we are glad to help!  Feel free to join our mailing list to receive exclusive promotions and offers.

 SHOP AROMESSENCE: Daytime Serums and Nighttime Balms  


  • Integrate science and nature for high performance skincare
  • Pioneers of Aromatherapy skincare with 40 years of expertise
  • Deliver immediate and long-lasting radiance
  • Blend the highest quality, 100% natural and pure essential oils
  • Focus on holistic well-being for the mind and body



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DECLÉOR’s Latest Innovation: Night Essence – 30-Day Anti-Aging Cure to Recharge Your Skin!

Decleor Night EssenceNIGHT ESSENCE
30-Day Anti-Aging Cure to Recharge Your Skin

DECLÉOR introduces a new anti-aging treatment serum that delivers a deep-down result in only 30 days combined with a specific application method developed by our experts, for an exceptional “REBOOT” and “RECHARGE” effect to reveal powerful radiance and perfect skin, glowing with health, night after night.  The result? Wake up to Revived Skin in just 30 days!


Expert Recommendation: 
As a complement to our professional skincare heritage, DECLÉOR has developed an expert application technique to enhance the efficacy of Night Essence. Based on a ritualistic application technique inspired from our professional expertise, we recommend using a specific method for each vial and changing it every 10 days to enhance energy, radiance and cell regeneration.
1 Treatment – 3 Steps – 30 Days.  Follow the diagram on the next page.
Aromapressure Using the index fingers, apply firm pressure on each key point for 5 seconds. This gesture boosts the benefits of Essential Oils by releasing, stimulating or diffusing energy within the skin’s core.
Aromadrainage Using the index and second fingers, perform three smoothing movements linking the key points.  Begin with firm pressure, then medium, then light. This gesture supplements the first step to activate the microcirculation and to add radiance to the skin.
Aromassage Using the index and second fingers, perform three slow and deep circular smoothing movements
linking the key points. This gesture promotes cell regeneration and boosts the anti-aging action of Essential and plant Oils.
DISCOVER: http://tinyurl.com/o3qvcz8

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DECLÉOR Participates in Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

CAC Logo

For the eighth consecutive year, DECLÉOR will donate 10% of net proceeds of the Sensorial Travel Collection sold during the month of October to Cancer and Careers, a program of CEW Foundation in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Each set features a signature AROMESSENCE™ Serum, made from 100% pure and natural essential oils sourced from around the world, and four additional corresponding products in travel sizes which together offer a skincare program to treat, protect and repair the skin while addressing the specific skin concern from within. The products are encased in a large, reusable zippered travel pouch.

Choose from 2 Collections to either hydrate the skin or provide lasting anti-aging benefits.

Sensorial Travel to the Mediterranean  – MATURE SKIN

Sensorial Travel _Anti-Aging Skincare Program_BD

Aroma Cleanse Anti-Aging Cleansing Milk, 50ml
Aroma Cleanse Anti-Aging Cleansing Lotion, 50ml
AROMESSENCE™ Iris Revitalizing Serum, 1ml
Prolagene Lift – Lift & Firm Day Cream, 50ml
System Corps Moisturizing Body Milk,
SRP $102

Sensorial Travel to the Orient – ALL SKIN TYPES

 Sensorial TravelHydrating Skincare Program_BD

Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Milk, 50 ml
Aroma Cleanse Essential Tonifying Lotion50 ml
AROMESSENCE™ Neroli Essential Serum, 1ml
Hydra Floral 24-HR Moisture Activator Light Cream, 50ml
System Corpes Moisturizing Body Milk, 50ml
SRP $69

Shop Our BCA Collections: http://www.decleorusa.com/decleor-cares/


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