Why Essential Oils are Such Powerful Skincare Treatments?

Alambic_seul_+_goutte_V2[1]Why Essential Oils are Such Powerful Skincare Treatments?   

Essential Oils are the true essence of plants. They are ultra-concentrated, fragrant and volatile liquid substances. They consist of several hundred molecules working in synergy.  Individually, each essential oil has therapeutic properties, such as antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.  As a blended formula, essential oils are powerful treatments for skin. 

We’ve been expertly sourcing, selecting and blending essential oils since 1974.  As masters of our trade, we take a scientific approach to creating blends of essential oil formulas of the highest quality targeted to specific skin concerns.      


DECLÉOR, pioneers in the world of essential oils, was the first company to introduce aromatherapy to cosmetics, and to transfer age-old expertise from the world of medicine to the world of beauty.

Our Secret? AROMESSENCE serums for daytime use and nighttime balms

What is it?  AROMESSENCE is an expert blend of 100% pure, active and natural essential oils targeted to treat a specific skin condition. 

What does it do?  Each AROMESSENCE™ deeply penetrates to treat the skin, purifying and balancing it from within.  The result is a visibly healthy and radiant complexion

Does it treat specific skin conditions?  Yes. In addition to these properties, we offer an AROMESSENCE™ to treat specific skin conditions, such as issues associated with oily/combination skin, or sensitive skin, or even visible signs of aging skin, etc.   

What is the difference between the Daytime Serum and the Nighttime Balm? The serum is designed for a quick absorb penetration, which is ideal for daytime.  The nighttime balm delivers a slower penetration so it works while you sleep, thus optimizing your body’s natural nighttime regeneration process.  While they work differently, the result is relatively the same as both work deeply within the skin.  When both are used as part of your daily skincare routine, they work synergistically to deliver benefits for your skin day and night. 

Visage2Choosing an AROMESSENCE for your skin type:

Still not sure which one is right for you? Ask us! Connect with us via Facebook or Twitter and we are glad to help!  Feel free to join our mailing list to receive exclusive promotions and offers.

 SHOP AROMESSENCE: Daytime Serums and Nighttime Balms  


  • Integrate science and nature for high performance skincare
  • Pioneers of Aromatherapy skincare with 40 years of expertise
  • Deliver immediate and long-lasting radiance
  • Blend the highest quality, 100% natural and pure essential oils
  • Focus on holistic well-being for the mind and body



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DECLÉOR’s Latest Innovation: Night Essence – 30-Day Anti-Aging Cure to Recharge Your Skin!

Decleor Night EssenceNIGHT ESSENCE
30-Day Anti-Aging Cure to Recharge Your Skin

DECLÉOR introduces a new anti-aging treatment serum that delivers a deep-down result in only 30 days combined with a specific application method developed by our experts, for an exceptional “REBOOT” and “RECHARGE” effect to reveal powerful radiance and perfect skin, glowing with health, night after night.  The result? Wake up to Revived Skin in just 30 days!


Expert Recommendation: 
As a complement to our professional skincare heritage, DECLÉOR has developed an expert application technique to enhance the efficacy of Night Essence. Based on a ritualistic application technique inspired from our professional expertise, we recommend using a specific method for each vial and changing it every 10 days to enhance energy, radiance and cell regeneration.
1 Treatment – 3 Steps – 30 Days.  Follow the diagram on the next page.
Aromapressure Using the index fingers, apply firm pressure on each key point for 5 seconds. This gesture boosts the benefits of Essential Oils by releasing, stimulating or diffusing energy within the skin’s core.
Aromadrainage Using the index and second fingers, perform three smoothing movements linking the key points.  Begin with firm pressure, then medium, then light. This gesture supplements the first step to activate the microcirculation and to add radiance to the skin.
Aromassage Using the index and second fingers, perform three slow and deep circular smoothing movements
linking the key points. This gesture promotes cell regeneration and boosts the anti-aging action of Essential and plant Oils.
DISCOVER: http://tinyurl.com/o3qvcz8

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DECLÉOR Participates in Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

CAC Logo

For the eighth consecutive year, DECLÉOR will donate 10% of net proceeds of the Sensorial Travel Collection sold during the month of October to Cancer and Careers, a program of CEW Foundation in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Each set features a signature AROMESSENCE™ Serum, made from 100% pure and natural essential oils sourced from around the world, and four additional corresponding products in travel sizes which together offer a skincare program to treat, protect and repair the skin while addressing the specific skin concern from within. The products are encased in a large, reusable zippered travel pouch.

Choose from 2 Collections to either hydrate the skin or provide lasting anti-aging benefits.

Sensorial Travel to the Mediterranean  – MATURE SKIN

Sensorial Travel _Anti-Aging Skincare Program_BD

Aroma Cleanse Anti-Aging Cleansing Milk, 50ml
Aroma Cleanse Anti-Aging Cleansing Lotion, 50ml
AROMESSENCE™ Iris Revitalizing Serum, 1ml
Prolagene Lift – Lift & Firm Day Cream, 50ml
System Corps Moisturizing Body Milk,
SRP $102

Sensorial Travel to the Orient – ALL SKIN TYPES

 Sensorial TravelHydrating Skincare Program_BD

Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Milk, 50 ml
Aroma Cleanse Essential Tonifying Lotion50 ml
AROMESSENCE™ Neroli Essential Serum, 1ml
Hydra Floral 24-HR Moisture Activator Light Cream, 50ml
System Corpes Moisturizing Body Milk, 50ml
SRP $69

Shop Our BCA Collections: http://www.decleorusa.com/decleor-cares/


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Aromessence bottle and drop BDDECLÉOR, pioneer in the world of essential oils, was the first company to introduce aromatherapy to cosmetics, and to transfer age-old expertise from the world of medicine to the world of beauty.

Above and beyond the key need to achieve results in terms of skin quality, women are constantly seeking well-being. DECLÉOR offers this different vision of beauty, a natural and sensorial beauty, integrating the gesture into the treatment, the energy into the product. Driven by Solange Dessimoulie, an esthetician with passion for phytotherapy and Caroline Colliard an aromatherapist, a range -of brand new treatments- was born and combined with unique application techniques.

EXCELLENCE from the source
DECLÉOR is constantly striving to offer the purest and most effective essential oils of the highest possible quality certifying their origin. This involves checking the purity and refined nature of the plant. Excellence also lies in the method of extraction used: distillation using water vapour (plant extract) or expression (citrus fruit). Finally, DECLÉOR stands out thanks to the extreme thoroughness of its quality controls.

EXCELLENCE in the blend
Essential oils are ultra-concentrated, ultra-powerful, fragrant and volatile liquid substances. They consist of several hundred molecules working in synergy, giving them recognised therapeutic properties: antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and so on. Selecting the best essential oils is an expertise, but blending them together with skill is an art. Fundamental research undertaken by DECLÉOR laboratories has resulted in rare, ingenious compositions that display formidable effectiveness.

The ESSENCE of life with olfactive properties (AROMA), AROMESSENCE™ prepares the skin to receive its daily care and increases the benefits this care provides.
As a day serum or a night balm, AROMESSENCE™ purifies the epidermis and maintains the skin’s ecosystem. In addition to these common properties, each AROMESSENCE™ offers a specific benefit for the skin depending on the key essence it contains: rose of the Orient to soothe, ylang-ylang to purify, iris to revitalize.

DECLÉOR offers a targeted response to all of the skin’s needs, using a unique ritual taken from the science of aromatherapy:

1st step, AROMESSENCE™
• In the morning, select an AROMESSENCE™ serum that suits your skin’s needs
• Apply with a method inspired by shiatsu, using aromapressure to boost its effectiveness.

2nd step, Day Cream                                                                                                                         Apply a day cream taken from the entire skincare range, selected to suit your skin’s needs (hydrating, anti-aging, nutrient ranges etc.)                       

This combination of products, AROMA DUO, boosts the effectiveness of the treatment. Since the AROMESSENCE™ essential oils modify the skin’s ecosystem, the efficacy of the treatment is increased tenfold. Applying Neroli AROMESSENCE™ before the HYDRA FLORAL cream improves the cream’s hydration performance by 63%.

Experience Our Products: http://www.decleorusa.com/our-products/


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End-of-Summer Skin Repair

NEROLIIt’s no myth that summer months bring a certain glow and radiance to our skin.  Perhaps it’s because we are a bit more free,  and perhaps even a tad more jovial (due to the increase in sun exposure and longer days), and simply not bogged down by the heaviness or sometimes dreariness of winter.  With the end of summer quickly approaching, perhaps it’s time to begin thinking about how to refresh your skincare routine.

Every season brings its skincare challenges and it’s important to refresh your skincare routine and skincare system accordingly.  Summer, for example, can pose such issues as darkening hyperpimentation marks, causing more uneven skin.  Longer days and sun exposure, can lead to sun damage.  Increased moisture in the air and humidity can lead to break-outs and unbalanced skin because of the increase in sebum production within skin.  In arid, dry climates, skin becomes parched and dehydrated, causing it to look dull and unhealthy.

We highly recommend considering a skincare system refresh as a way to help reverse some of the damage that summer may have caused to your skin.

Our top recommendation is to bring the skin to a state of “calm” since summer can leave skin a bit sensitized.  Our Harmonie Calm collection does just this.  Formulated with Rose d’Orient Essential Oil, it soothes and helps to balance the skin.

To help reverse hyperpimentation and even out your skin, we recommend Aroma White C+ collection.

If your skin has been compromised with break-outs, we highly recommend Aroma Purete to purify and oxygenate your skin, allowing it to breathe.  This collection will balance your oily/combination skin.

If your is dull and dedydrated, then Hydra Floral Multi-Protection 24HR collection will bring back your beautiful radiance while hydrating your skin back into health.

To cleanse your skin, we are especially big fans of our new Micellar Oil, which deeply cleanses skin.  It perfectly dissolves all make-up from face and eyes, including waterproof make-up, and disperses all impurities. Helps boost the cutaneous barrier. Soothes skin, leaving it supple and soft. Leaves skin clear, comfortable, and radiant. Ideal for All Skin Types, including Dry and Sensitive Skin.



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