Testimonial: Stay With What Works!

We have another great “insider” testimonial from Customer Service Specialist, Cheryl Goad who’s been working with DECLÉOR for 10 years. We love when our loyal users have a DECLÉOR story to share, including those from our own employees!  The below was written by Cherie in its entirety.

Having worked in the beauty industry for many years, I’ve never stood more behind a product line than that of DECLÉOR!

Hearing about the latest and greatest products that will make us look and feel younger, are everywhere!  BUT, when a brand that has been around for 40 years, continues to amaze, it’s simple:  Stay With What Works!

DECLÉOR gives the old adage “once you try it, you’ll like it” a boost, because once you try it, YOU WILL LOVE IT!  I love every DECLÉOR product I’ve tried, however, my personal top 2 favorites are: AROMESSENCETM Neroli Essential Serum and Aroma Night Rose d’Orient Soothing Night Balm.
D222000 - Aromessence Neroli Essential Serum

AROMESSENCETM Neroli Essential Serum is my absolute go-to favorite for my daytime skincare
program.  After cleansing and toning my skin, I apply a couple of drops of this natural essential oil treatment serum.  It balances my skin while keeping it radiant and bright.   After all these years, I still feel like I’m pampering my skin everyday with this golden elixir and doing something that’s very good for my skin.  This product never gets old for me!

D277000 - Rose d'orient Soothing Night Balm



For my nighttime skincare program, Aroma Night Rose d’Orient Soothing Night Balm is key.  Its soothing properties are without question noticeable upon application.  Since it works overnight, you wake up to skin that is refreshed, rested and ready to take on the day.  This product is food for your skin.


Merci Beaucoup, DECLÉOR!

Cheryl Goad



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Testimonial: Why I Love Prolagene Lift and Brighten Eye Cream!


The below is a testimonial from our New York Territory Manager, Lindsay LoVecchio, who’s been working with DECLÉOR for 2 years. We thought it would be nice to share this “insider” testimonial. We love to hear from fans and loyal users of DECLÉOR, including from our own employees! The below was written by Lindsay in its entirety.

I love love love DECLÉOR’s Prolagene Lift and Brighten Eye Cream!  This eye cream is light in texture and effective.  I apply it morning and night as it helps with puffiness and dark circles.  The cream even leaves a hint of sheen because of the pearlescent particles.   This makes it a perfect primer for my concealer!

D554000 lift and brighten eye creamI have tried tons of eye products and they were all either too creamy, making it difficult to apply concealer, or not moisturizing enough.  With DECLÉOR’s eye cream, my under eye area looks smooth, silky, and flawless.  It is so flattering to receive the many compliments on how brightened and refreshed my eyes look.   I am so grateful to have discovered this brand!

Thank you, DECLÉOR!

Lindsay LoVecchio


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Celebrating Our 40th Annivesary À La DECLÉOR

imageTo commemorate DECLÉOR’s 40th Anniversary, we hosted a blogger breakfast at the 5WPR  offices in NYC last week. Shannon Gallogly, National Education Manager (pictured below on left), walked the audience of top bloggers and online counterparts of top tiered publications through a truly pleasant and inspirational presentation about DECLÉOR’s history, legacy, sustainable development initiatives in Madagascar, hero products and key concepts of the brand that have led to DECLÉOR’s success. Shannon and Katherine Ledesma, Marketing Manager (pictured below on right), then answered one on one questions for the attendees. Here’s a “sizzle reel” encapsulating this celebratory event.  https://vimeo.com/88161122

shannon_katherine instyle feb 2014 desksidevogue feb 2014 desksideAdditionally, we had an AMAZING round of editor appointments last week to unveil new launches and share DECLÉOR’s 40th year anniversary story! We met with a handful of top beauty editors in NYC.  Always a pleasure to talk skincare with beauty editors! Learn more about our 40th year anniversary and see message from our founder, Solange Dessimoulie: http://bit.ly/1cxx06E.

What’s the secret behind DECLÉOR’s secret behind every skincare program?

D192001 AROMESSENCE IRIS SerumOur AROMESSENCETM serums are the cornerstone of the brand.  With one for every skin type, these true 100% natural and pure beauty boosters will amplify your skincare program and reveal your natural radiance.  Discover more:  http://bit.ly/1cxx06E.


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DECLÉOR Today: A Sustainable Beauty

Région de Masindray, Madagascar, reportage Decléor / association Asmada pour le developpement économique de la régionOver the past 40 years, DECLÉOR has become the world leader in Aromatherapy, with a legacy rooted in the science of plant energies, combined with an in-depth understanding of the body’s vital energies.  DECLÉOR’s fundamental research and product developments cover over 50 essential oils used in more than 50 unique formulations designed to target every skin concern. The brand collaborates with best suppliers of essential oils, collecting raw materials with quality harvesting, extracting and conservation methods. DECLÉOR continues to give back to nature year after year, particularly to Madagascar, where DECLÉOR sources over 25% of the raw materials used in their formulations.

With the help of the ASMADA Association, DECLÉOR has implemented an eco-responsible and sustainable management project which helps preserve the Madagascar ecosystem and improves the living conditions of local populations. This includes projects focusing on reforestation, access to drinking water and solar electrification for schools. Environmental commitment remains a top priority for DECLÉOR and the brand will continue to give back to nature. We have some amazing proof points to speak of, including planting 100,000 trees, installing solar electrification to 3 schools and constructing 38 water fountains, which providing fresh drinking water to over 15,000 locals.

Watch the Video: http://bit.ly/1couTrE

What do you think of our initiatives in Madagascar?


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Everyone Deserves a Little Valentine’s Day Pampering…

Spread the LOVE on Valentine’s Day with gifts for both him and for her!  It’s nice when someone makes an effort to care for your well-being!  And, these make a perfect complementary gift to make that someone special feel a little extra special…

relax_intense1-rdef1-rvbFor Her: Recreate a relaxing spa experience for her at home with the DECLÉOR Relax Intense Collection.  This set is complete with Aromessence™ Relax Intense Dry Oil, Relax Intense Relaxing Massage Balm, Relax Intense Relaxing Shower Oil and Relax Intense Fruits Seeds Scrub.  Inspired by our professional body rituals and the lush, fragrant nature of the island, this complete set allows her to escape to the island of Madagascar, without leaving home.  Rose petals, lit candles, soft music and a hot bath are recommended, not required. This makes a GREAT gift for yourself too!

Range ShotFor Him:  Ladies, can’t think of what to get the beau?  Men secretly love getting pampered too!  Get him some of the basics from the  DECLÉOR Men’s Skincare Collection, including products with essential oils like Clove and Eucalyptus that allow him to cleanse, shave and protect. The Clean Skin Scrub is ideal for preparing the skin for shaving. With a dual action formula that cleanses and exfoliates, it leaves the skin glowing with freshness and energy.  For a close, gentle shave, the Smooth Shave is a rich, tender foam suitable for even the most sensitive skin and stubborn stubble. Treat the skin with Aromessence™ Triple Action Serum before shaving to help lift ingrown hairs and improve razor glide. After shaving, it helps soften the skin, soothe razor burn and enhance the effectiveness of post-shaving products.  KISSABLE skin for both to enjoy!

Shop now and receive the Cleansing & Toning Travel Duo with your purchase of $130.  Enter CLEANSING at checkout.



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